">TWAV – Together We Are Vape

Weʼre raising £25,000 to Assist US businesses affected by the attacks on the industry, as well as advocacy groups including the Florida Smoke Free Association.

Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths in the US every year. But in the past few months, state and federal government officials have brought in strict measures that threaten to destroy the one thing that keeps millions of Americans from using tobacco – vaping.

Countless livelihoods have already been destroyed and we now face the very real prospect of millions of adult vapers returning to combustible cigarettes.

We have had enough.

Now is the time for vapers and our industry to step up and support one another and the advocacy groups fighting to save one of the most important public health innovations of our time.

The TOGETHER WE ARE VAPE campaign will unite the industry, advocates and consumers across the world in a show of support for American vapers and businesses.

Download the free Anti Flavour ban PDF.

Share your image on social media and use #TogetherWeAreVape to show your support

Show your support

Please show your support by donating to our Go Fund Me campaign www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/togetherwearevape, or picking up one of our campaign bracelets and sharing the #TOGETHERWEAREVAPE hashtag.

All donations will go directly to campaign groups and the businesses directly impacted by the vape bans.

Made a donation? Request your band.

Request bands for your business

Bands are to be exchanged for donations to the cause. Every donation will go to support the Advocates in US that are relentlessly fighting for the Americans right to vape.

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