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Top 5 Tobacco E-liquids

To many vapers, tobacco flavoured e-liquids are a contentious subject. Fundamentally, we are trying to avoid cigarettes and tobacco by vaping. Still, these blends remain very popular and there are two distinct strands of tobacco e-liquid.

The first are those which aim to authentically mimic the flavour of tobacco alone, whether that be a light virginia or dark, aromatic pipe blend.

The second kind are dessert tobaccos. To the uninitiated, this might seem odd. Why would we want to blend sweet flavours with tobacco? The answer is it just works. For whatever reason, when you take vanilla, caramel, or other staple dessert notes and combine them with a dash of tobacco, it results in a layered profile of sweetness and spice. Today, we’re exploring five of our favourite tobacco blends.


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